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Mr. Farzad Rawzabaghi

HR Manager

He has been working at Avison Pharma medicine manufacturing company as Admin/HR Manager, He has Master degree of Public Administration from Jamia Millia Islamia University of India and has bachelor of public Policy Administration from Herat University. He has recorded seven years of professional services with different NGOs in Afghanistan in his profile.

Mr.Mostafa Aashouri

Finance Manager

He has been with Avison Pharma Medicine Manufacturing Company since 2015 and working as finance and accounting manager, in addition to his core responsibility on finance he is serving as acting Deputy-CEO of the company .Mr Mostafa Aashouri has more than twelve years of experience in finance and accounting fields, he is graduated from Economics faculty of Herat University and ACCA's Foundations in Accountancy from Professional Development Institute of American University of Afghanistan.

Mrs. Nadia Barkezai

Procurement Manager

She is procurement Manager of Avison Pharma, she has extensive skills on communication with oversee clients, procurement materials and save revenue on purchases, she has 10 years experience in procurement and logistic, She also hold a bachelor degree from Law faculty of Kabul university.

Mr. Mohammad Hares Radmehr

Marketing Manager

He been working at Avison Pharma as marketing manager for almost 5 years, He joined as marketing officer but based on his level effort he is now promoted as country marketing manager for this company.
His background experience is 10 years specialized in Marketing and sales. He is graduated from Economic faculty.

Mr. Faiz Ahmad Afzail

Logistic Manager

He has been working as logistic Manager at Avison Pharma medicine manufacturing company. He has four years’ experience in project implementation, management, supervision and coordination. He is graduated from Law and Political Science Faculty.

Mr. Khalil Ahmad Omar

Sales Officer

He has been working at Avison Pharma as sales officer for almost 5 years. he has 7 years’ experience in field of accounting, and Sales management. He has graduated from Economic Faculty of Herat University.

Mr. Akramaddin Amini

Finance Officer

He has been working in Avison Pharma medicine as sales is finance manager, his earlier engagement was as sales officer in this company, finance literacy is the reason that he is promoted to work as finance now, He has 7 years’ experience in sales management, finance and accounting. Mr. Amini is graduated from Economic faculty.

Mr. Mumtaz Sarwari

Provincial Sales Manager

He has been working as Provincial sales manager at Avison pharma. He has 9 years of experience in field of Marketing and sales management, He has the responsibility of all sales agencies in the provinces, He is graduated from Pharmacy faculty.

Mrs. Rahela Mosavi

QC Manager (Quality Assurance)

She is Quality Assurance Manager of Avison Pharma. She is graduated from Pharmacy faculty of Kabul University. She has more than 8 years’ experiences in Industrial Pharmacy as QA and QC Management, moreover she has experience of teaching pharmacy for university students.

Mr. Mohammad Aref Sherzad

QC Manager ( Quality Control )

He is Quality Control (QC) Manager in laboratory of Avison Pharma. He has experience as supervisor of the physical department and Quality Assurance (QA) manager at Avison Pharma medicine manufacturing company for 6 years. He is graduated from pharmacy faculty and also hold another bachelor degree from faculty of Economic.

Mr. Abdul Sami Qureshi

Production Manager

He has been production manager of Avison Pharma medicine manufacturing company since 5 years. He is bachelor of Pharma-D from Baluchistan University of Pakistan and has many years of experience in pharmaceutical business and recorded success stories in his profile working with different manufactures.

Mr Nazir Ahmad

Technical Manager

He been working as technical manager since 2012 at Avison Pharma. His overall specialized is in the field of Mechanic, electronic mechanic and electricity engineering that has 13 years related experience, He has diploma in electrical engineering from Herat technical and professional institute.