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Avison Pharma Medicine Manufacturing Company

Avison Pharma Medicine Manufacturing Company was founded in 2004, It is the first pharmaceutical company in the western zone of Afghanistan and has quickly grown to become one of the biggest medicine manufacturing companies in Afghanistan. The Company is spearheaded by a group of pharma professionals and Senior Managers who have rich high level of experience in this field and have a strong zeal to excel, firmly committed to bring in only the best products and only those that surpasses our strict internal quality assessments with collaborations of a group of competent chemist and pharmacist staff along with its standard laboratories departments. Avison Pharma has been a trend setter of GMP standards and is among the fastest growing companies in the Afghan’s pharmaceutical Industry.
Avison Pharma achieves its activity license in 2004 from Ministry of Public health of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and is working under Certificate of Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA).
As Avison Pharma strategically planed to grow with three steps (three phase) by starting from the phase number one. Phase 1: Avison Pharma starts its full operations in 2011 from the first phase with an International standard quality control department including two separate Microbiology & Chemistry laboratories, four production lines (first line, syrups and oral suspensions, second line, drops, third line, antiseptic solutions, fourth line, ointments) that are able to produce all oral suspensions, anti-septic solutions and hygienic supplies. In 2016 it quickly grown in to 40 products and will increase its product numbers till meet its target plan.
Phase 2: This phase has been designed to produce tablets and capsules for the demand of our people and will start its production soon. Phase 3: Our goal is to provide the requirements of our people and our medical community by producing all kind of Injections and vials that are one of our main and basic necessities in our country and this will not come true unless, with the continued help of people and the medical community that has been always our partner.