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Multison is containing 10 essential vitamins plus calcium. Vitamins are essential substances that are needed in trace amounts for metabolism. Vitamins are naturally in foods and balanced diet provides needed vitamins. One or more vitamin deficiency disturbance in metabolism, resulting in various diseases such as failure to thrive, rickets, impaired vision, skin infections and anemia. In illness and recovery, pregnancy, lactation, growth period and any type of stress metabolism increases so at this time adequate intake of vitamins is more important and vitamins in a diet may not be enough. In such situation vitamin compounds will be effective in prevention of complication due a vitamin deficiency.

Ingredients: Each 5ml contains

Vitamin A 1200IU
Vitamin D3 100IU
Vitamin E 1mg
Vitamin B1 1mg
Vitamin B2 1mg
Vitamin B6 0.75mg
Vitamin B12 1.5mg
Vitamin C 50mg
Nicotinamide 5mg
Dexpantenol 5mg
Calcium Gluconate 60mg